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  • We, DAY & DAY TRADING CORP. established in 1979, our major business was import and export industrial chemicals and equipments, and electroplating. We also represented Permaliee; England and Dico; Germany these two major brands, and put their products on sale throughout the country. In 1989, we made an investment to constitute electroplating plant and presented our own brand: DAY & DAY EUROPEAN STYLE HOME ACCESSORIES. We design and develop all kind of functional racks and storage shelves, and select aesthetic and easy clean stainless steel material to replace traditional iron wire that has indeed promoted people’s life quality by making the beautification and utalizing indoor space efficiently. Our products are on sale in every major department store, kitchenware store and bathing boutique, altogether have 500 above selling spots all around the country. DAY & DAY has an excellent reputation from customers for its outstanding quality, developing ability and having the complete product line, and becomes a leading brand of the bathing shelves. We also put our products on sale in U.S.A., Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia etc., and establish a quality and sophisticated brand image.
  • In order to create brilliant life at home for the people, DAY & DAY found HERB LIFE.L’ERBOLARIO in 2000, and represent famous Italian nature cosmetics brands: L’erbolario, Argital, Agronatura etc. to introduce fragrant living style which is generally prevalent in European and North America. HERB LIFE.L’ERBOLARIO presents all serious fragrant SPA products, natural herbal cosmetics, organic essential oils, organic green clay commodities, natural make-ups and organic herb teas, and leads modern people releasing life pressure and embracing natural and healthy lifestyle.
  • In 2005, DAY & DAY TRADING CORP. was devoted to advance quality, service and novelty, and used all new CI (corporate identity) to exhibit the conception of product innovation, quality optimization and delightful living creation. DAY & DAY EUROPEAN STYLE HOME ACCESSORIES will present graceful life experience with higher merchandise quality for your family and conduct the trends of modern living style in 21th century.