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  • To create a comfortable living space for modern life, having the superior design of storage is quite essential. Base on the conception of being a mastermind of quality life invention, DAY & DAY QUALITY LIVING ACCESSORIES was established in 1989 by President Mr. Lin, Bor-Rein and focus on developing all kind of functional racks and storage shelves. DAY & DAY uses human nature as design principle, devotes on produce functional, high quality and minimalist aesthetic merchandise and manufacture all kinds of stainless living products that could actually fulfill users need.To approach consumers requirement is the management conviction of President Lin. He also thinks that pursuing higher life quality is a fundamental momentum of societal advancement.
  • DAY & DAY QUALITY LIVING ACCESSORIES develop all kinds of storage products to fulfill peoples need, and adopt 18-8 stainless steel material and durable electroplating surface treatment that make products easy clean, and could be used in humid environment such as kitchen and bathroom without rust entirely. Minimalist style of the products makes them could fit any interior design easily and is able to create comfortable and convenient living circumstances.In 2000, President Lin found that the demand of living quality from the people in Taiwan has been equal to European and North America, and within the faith of contributing brilliant life at home for the people, the company presented HERB LIFE‧L’ERBOLARIO,
  • represented notable Italian nature cosmetics brands: L’erbolario, Argital, Agronatura etc. to introduce fragrant living style which is generally prevalent in European and North America and fits the recently famous LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) conception.
    HERB LIFE‧L’ERBOLARIO presents all serious fragrant SPA products, natural herbal cosmetics, organic essential oils, organic green clay commodities, natural make-ups and organic herb teas, and leads modern people releasing life pressure and embracing natural and healthy lifestyle.
    Service, Quality, Profession and Novelty are the corporate motto that are valued by President Lin constantly. Not only the service attitude of the first line sales and the quality of manufacture, but also the profession and novelty of product development, all are strictly requested by the highest standard. Furthermore, President Lin believes that providing service for the people is a social responsibility of corporation management and company should base on humanism devotes to present outstanding living quality for the users are the ideal perspectives of enterprise operation.