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營造現代舒適的生活空間,必定伴隨著良好的收納設計。DAY & DAY 日日家居生活精品以扮演優質生活的幕後推手為理念,於1989年創立,致力於開發各式功能的掛架及收納置物架。DAY & DAY 以人性為設計的價值,以機能性、高品質、及簡潔美感為設計理念,設計製造出貼近使用者的不銹鋼生活用品。 DAY & DAY 日日家居生活精品,配合國人各種生活需求的收納功能設計,並採用18-8 不銹鋼材質及耐久耐用的電鍍表面處理,能於廚房及浴室等潮濕環境下,完全不生鏽並且容易清理,簡潔設計能完美搭配各種的室內居家風格,創造出便利舒適的生活環境!

TOAST LIVING, a designer homeware facility since 2007, seeks to create the life story you desire. Using materials of everyday objects surrounding us, we seek to recreate a different experiential diary to delight users of our designer's homeware. We infuse a fusion of modern contemporary form together with functional user center design study to enhance the user experience. Drawing inspirations from things surrounding us, we deliver to you our range of emotional design products.

Natural & Beauty

The name L’Erbolario brings to mind the ancient term “erborare”, meaning to gather herbs in the fields, in order to study their beneficial properties.
L’erbolario is marked by a huge range of formulations: there are now almost 400 specialities, created for care of the face, body and hair, for protection against the sun, for children’s skin, for the air and environments of the home and, when required, they can be elegantly gift-wrapped into delightful and highly appreciated presents. This gives us a great satisfaction, since it is always a pleasure to satisfy your every desire in full.

Argital was founded in 1976 with the aim of producing and improving the knowledge of clay-based products and the properties of clay itself. In a few years Argital has become a leader in the production of green clay based Natural cosmetics.
Besides green clay, Argital uses only Natural Selected ingredients for its products. The scents are given by pure essential oils blends.
Argital cosmetics are distributed and appreciated also outside Italy, in the following countries: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, Finland, Norway, Australia, Taiwan, China, Japan, India, Great Britain.

The company was founded in 1986 and currently our 50 FARMERS cultivate over 400 hectares of the highest quality medicinal plants and herbs using organic and biodynamic methods.
Agronatura's spirit of earnestness and its respect for nature guarantees methods of cultivation that do not use chemical substances: we insist on the application of organic and biodynamic methods of agriculture. We grow and harvest our herbs mainly in the Monferrato Valley and in the Langhe in Piedmont.。

The search for wellbeing is expressed today in all our everyday gestures, starting with the way we take care of ourselves each morning.
From the very beginning we devoted ourselves to the promotion of a culture of higher awareness in the field of natural cosmetics, by exploring the world of nature and respecting the environment as well as skin problems. The philosophy of Pedrini Beauty company has for some time now been put into practice: natural products for make-up, skin care and bath and body.